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Comforting patio covers

Boost the luxury and resale value of your home with a new patio cover. At The Awning Store, we have plenty of cover options for you to choose from.

Numerous cover options

  • Aluminum patio covers

  • Lattice patio covers

  • Aluminum roofs

  • Canvas retractable awnings

  • Canvas patios covers

  • Cabana style structures

  • Custom sliding curtains

A peaceful and relaxing outdoors

Bring the comfort of the indoors to the outside by having a patio cover added to your home. You will find even more ways to enjoy peace and quiet in your own backyard.


With the right patio cover, you could control the climate of your outdoor space and not be restricted to the inside if a storm should come. Contact our staff today and get started on choosing what patio cover would best suit your needs.

Call today for a licensed and bonded contractor.

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